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Yoga mat towels may look the same, but they're not all made equal. Keep reading for advice on the best yoga mat towels available

The Best Yoga Mat Towels for the Home Yogi

Yoga is an amazing full-body experience: It effectively hones and strengthens both your mind and body. It strengthens your body because it is physically demanding (when done right), and for most people physically demanding means sweaty. But let’s be honest, placing your hands onto a

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Weight lifting wrist wraps have some controversy that surrounds them. That said, they have their uses

6 Best Wrist Wraps for Weight Lifting

The joints and muscles in your wrists are far from the strongest. The repetitive strain resulting from weight lifting increases the chances of significant injury to your wrists that could prevent you from being able to perform. Aside from shoring up your technique, wrist wraps

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The best weightlifting gloves don't always make themselves obvious, but we're here to help

The Best Weight Lifting Gloves (For Men & Women)

One of the many benefits of weight training is that you don’t need any high-tech gadgets or expensive attire to enjoy the sport. Just a barbell/dumbbell and some weight plates, and away you go. That’s not to say, however, that there aren’t any products that

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best compression socks of 2018 feature image

The 3 Best Compression Socks

Compression socks can have numerous benefits and are worn by a wide range of people – from frequent air travellers, to nurses, to women in pregnancy. They’re also commonly used in sports and exercise by those hoping to boost immediate performance and aid in their

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