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Join us as we review the best exercise mats on the market

6 Best Exercise Mats | Top Mats for Any Workout

Exercise mats are one of the most popular, yet often underestimated pieces of workout equipment. They’re underestimated until they’re needed. And, sure as the sky is blue, at some point every single person who exercises regularly will need an exercise mat. There are countless exercise

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Multiple Olympic barbell collars on home gym floor

7 Best Barbell Collars in 2021

Olympic barbell? Check. Weight plates or bumper plates? Check. Now you need barbell collars. Different types of collars are suitable for different uses: Clamp collars are best when you’re lifting 3 or more plates and when you want to preserve the finish on your bar’s

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Join us as we look at the best ankle weights for women

The Best Ankle Weights for Women

Ankle weights have been a staple fitness accessory for a while now. This is especially true for women. Whether it is Pilates or a typical bodyweight routine, ladies have used ankle weights to tone up different muscle groups for years now. If you’re wondering which

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A good pair of ankle weights can be invaluable. We help you find the best adjustable ankle weights on the market

The Best Adjustable Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are slowly becoming an integral part of many home gyms. This simple yet effective piece of fitness gear can help you tone your body and build muscles on the go. One of the best ways to get into ankle weights is to get

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