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Black and white do-win weight lifting shoes

Killer Do-Win Weightlifting Shoes Review

The Do-Win weightlifting shoes were the first pair of lifting shoes I bought and they’ve always been awesome. If you’re looking for a pair of great quality lifting shoes that fit comfortably, hold your feet securely, and improve your lifting performance and safety, then these

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Top weightlifting shoes are not always obvious, even to experienced lifters. We take you through the top options on the market

5 Best Weightlifting Shoes (For Men & Women)

For every form of exercise, be it running, CrossFit or even yoga, there’s the right footwear. Using a high-quality, purpose-built shoe for your favorite sport can significantly improve your performance and prevent annoying, painful, and even career-ending injuries. Weightlifting is no exception. Unlike most sport-focused

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Getting the best flooring for your home gym is no easy feat, but we're here t0 help

The Best Flooring for Your Home or Garage Gym

QGood flooring is absolutely essential for any serious home gym, especially if the room you’re building in has permanent floors that are easily damaged such as hardwood, tiles, or polished concrete. It also helps to prevent yourself and your home exercise equipment from sliding about

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