The Best Weight Lifting Gloves (For Men & Women)

The best weightlifting gloves don't always make themselves obvious, but we're here to help
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One of the many benefits of weight training is that you don’t need any high-tech gadgets or expensive attire to enjoy the sport. Just a barbell/dumbbell and some weight plates, and away you go.

That’s not to say, however, that there aren’t any products that you can utilize to improve your weight lifting experience.

Gloves are one of the most basic pieces of equipment you can add to your gym bag.

And, while there’s some controversy surrounding their usage in the sport, there’s no denying that there are certain advantages to putting on a pair before wrapping your hands around that cold steel.

A good pair of weightlifting gloves can be a great addition to your lifting kit

If you’re looking into a good pair of lifting gloves, then you’ve probably seen that there are a huge number of options currently on the market, and you may be unsure about which pair is right for you.

That’s where we come in.

In this article, we’ll look at the top five weightlifting gloves that you can pick up today. We’ll also provide a short guide to picking the right gloves, as well as examine why a good pair of weightlifting gloves can be beneficial for those getting into barbell training.

Choosing a Good Pair of Weight Lifting Gloves

Let’s look at what makes for a good pair of weight lifting gloves. Use this information to make the best choice for you.

There are some key components of a weightlifting glove that need to be incorporated into the design to ensure you’re not wasting your money.

The best weight lifting gloves are made of a durable material such as strong synthetic fabric, or even leather. This way you won’t be heading back to the store to purchase another pair every few months because the last ones tore. Ventilation is also important. Some perforations or mesh lining will prevent your hands from becoming uncomfortably hot and sweaty.

Other key design elements to look out for in your next pair of gloves include sufficient flexibility, thick enough padding, and an effective closure system. The last thing you want is your gloves constantly coming loose or falling right off.

Finally, ensure your pair has a durable velcro strap to keep things tight.

The 5 Best Weight lifting Gloves

As we mentioned, controversy surrounds the use of gloves in strength training. If you’re here, then you’ve probably decided that you’re going to give them a try. Or, perhaps you’ve been using them for a while and have had a positive experience.

Either way, any of the options in the list below should prove a valuable addition to your lifting kit.

#1 Rogue Mechanix Gloves 2.0

Rogue's Mechanix Gloves 2.0 are the best weightlifting gloves in the biz

The Rogue Mechanix Vented Gloves are made by Rogue Fitness, a brand considered by many athletes as the best for fitness equipment – so you know you’re getting what you pay for here. If not a little more.

As the name would suggest, the second iteration of the Vented Gloves features an updated design with a mesh top portion and perforated leather for maximum breathability. They’re also a lot more durable thanks to the additional reinforced stitching.

A full-fingered, form-fitting design means you’ll never slip and the modern strap system ensures the Vented Gloves 2.0 stay where they’re meant to.

Check current price at Rogue Fitness

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#2 Fit Active Sports Ventilated Gloves

fit active sports make some great value weightlifting gloves

Perfect for both men and women, these weightlifting gloves feature a more palm-focused design that provides maximum protection around the areas that matter most. The silicon neoprene construction is water-resistant and doesn’t deteriorate over time, making them a solid long-term investment.

Above the velcro wrist straps, you’ll find a ventilated mesh palm that offers maximum breathability and comfort. Sufficient grips and padding are also present.

Check current price on Amazon

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#3 Steel Sweat Weightlifting Gloves

Steel sweat make these worthy leather weightlifting gloves

These heavy-duty gloves are made of CoolWeave, a synthetic version of leather that provides improved ventilation and flexibility. The back of the glove features genuine leather for a more premium look and feel.

There are a variety of sizes available for both men and women and they’re designed to form-fit over time for maximum comfort. A large velcro strap at the wrist ensures a snug fit and also provides wrist protection. The cushioned support pads are covered in anti-slip grips that will prevent any loss of grip on those metal bars.

A unique feature of the Steel Sweat gloves is the pull tabs on the fingers and thumbs. These make it a lot easier to remove the gloves after your workout.

Check current price on Amazon

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#4 Trideer Workout Gloves

Trideer's fingerless workout gloves are effective hand protection at a reasonable price

The unique, versatile design of the Trideer Workout Gloves makes them perfect for not only weight lifting, but any other sport that would benefit from gloves as well. They feature a velcro strap at the wrist, along with an additional strap at the back for a more snug, comfortable fit.

Silica-gel is the surface material of choice for the palms, which helps provide maximum grip in the areas where you need it most. Generous padding, built-in wrist protection, and sufficient breathability through the mesh lining make these a solid choice for both beginners and pros alike.

Check current price on Amazon

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#5 Mava Sports Leather Padding Glove

Mava sports' weightlifting gloves are exceptional value, and come in a range of funky colors

These weightlifting gloves are constructed from a combination of materials, including neoprene along the outer lining and reinforced split layer leather padding. The velcro wrist strap on the Mava Sports gloves features a thick, durable construction that provides sufficient wrist protection.

The unique palm design is grippy and comfortable, with finger protection and plenty of ventilation. These gloves are not only great for general weight lifting, but their compact design also makes them a solid choice for gymnastics, CrossFit, and Powerlifting. Their compact design has made them favorable among female weightlifters as well.

Check current price on Amazon

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Why Get a Pair of Lifting Gloves?

Here are some of the main reasons you may want to consider using weightlifting gloves:


Lifting heavy can rip your hands to shreds, there are no two ways about it. If you use bars with aggressive knurling, then you’ll likely be all too familiar with this fact. If you have cuts or torn calluses, and you don’t want to wait for them to heal before your next session, and you can’t train without covering them up, then a good pair of gloves can be a godsend.

Improved Grip

There’s contention around this point. Mr. Rippetoe will claim that gloves compromise your grip, and if you take Starting Strength to be gospel, then gloves will probably not be for you.

There are other points of view, however.

Your hands will inevitably get sweaty as you progress through your training session. This means you’ll start losing grip and have to constantly wipe down the bar to continue. A good pair of gloves not only solves this problem by putting a barrier between your hands and the bars but can also sure up your grip through textured materials.

Ultimately, this will come down to personal preference/experience.

Wrist Support

Most weightlifting gloves also include wrist straps, which help provide some much-needed support to the weak and injury-prone joints found in your wrist.

This is another area of contention. There is a good case to be made that wrist wraps and gloves that include them can prevent your wrists from strengthening as a result of lifting. Again, this will come down to personal preference/experience. If you have an injury to your wrist, then gloves with wrist support can help you continue training without preventing the injury from healing.

Preventing Cuts, Tears, and Calluses

The last thing you want on your palms, especially if you’re working in a business environment where shaking hands is a daily occurence, is an unsightly blister or callus. The padding found on weightlifting gloves helps prevent calluses and blisters, along with cuts and general irritation.

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Well, there you have it: The best weightlifting gloves currently available for both men and women.

Unlike fitness trackers, weightlifting shoes, or compression tights, weightlifting gloves are a lot more affordable and can subsequently provide a ton of value to your workout. Whether they’re necessary or not depends on the purpose for which you want to use them, and on your personal preference/experiences.

Many experienced lifters will laugh off the idea of wearing gloves when training, whereas others, will swear by their gloves. At the end of the day, they’re worth a try if you haven’t used them before. Because who knows, they may just be what you need to lift that extra pound or get that one last rep in.

Or, you know, not give off the wrong impression when you shake your next potential client’s hand.

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As always, best of luck with your home workouts. Remember: We can make the effort or make excuses, but we can’t make both.

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