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Join us as we seek out the best weighted vest for women

5 Best Weighted Vests for Women

Weighted vests are becoming more and more popular in the fitness world. While there’s a significant range of shapes and sizes, most weight vests on the market typically have some or all of the weight up around the chest area. This works fine for men,

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Join us as we seek out the best weighted vests for running and walking

5 Best Weighted Vests for Running & Walking

Running is and always will be one of the most beneficial exercises humans can do. We’re anatomically and physiologically built to do it. When you incorporate regular running into your exercise routine, you’re engaging your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems in ways that improve their performance

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Join us as we search out the best weighted vests for Crossfit

5 Best Weighted Vests for CrossFit WODs

CrossFit is often regarded as the redheaded stepchild of the fitness family. Despite such a reputation, this type of fitness has a lot to offer, especially to those who aren’t too keen on using standard weights. However, since there’s plenty of calisthenics involved, many will

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Join us as we discover the best weighted vests currently available

8 Best Weighted Vests | Supercharge Your Workouts!

Improving your physical fitness is all about pushing your body in ways it hasn’t been pushed before. This new stimulation is what forces your body’s systems to adapt and improve by either increasing their capacity for output (e.g., increasing the mass of specific muscles) or

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6 Best Folding Exercise Bikes to Help You Save Space

Exercise bikes are among the most popular machines used at homes, and for good reason. They’re arguably the best option for effective cardio-respiratory training, especially the low-impact variety. Importantly, they’re often also the most compact option. That compact size is what draws most to exercise

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Join us as we review the 6 best medicine balls that you can use for a killer workout

6 Best Medicine Balls for a Killer Workout

Medicine balls have come a long way and are probably one of the oldest workout equipment next to lifting stones. If you’re training for athletic performance, they can help develop explosive power while also improving your brute strength, balance, and coordination. Approximately the size of

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