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Finding the right weighted vest can mean the difference between enjoying a workout and absolutely hating it. BOX weighted vest, designed and made in the USA, goes a step beyond what we usually see in this segment of the market.

Those looking for a proper piece of kit to use on the daily might just find everything they need in this single model. Let’s pull it apart, see how well it’s made and most importantly, how well it performs!

BOX Weighted Vest Review at a Glance

BOX Weighted Vest

This weighted training vest from BOX brings a completely utilitarian design in a package that’s both comfortable and durable. The team behind this design has nailed the weight distribution so well that you won’t even feel its max 45 lbs. moving around.

On top of that, BOX has ensured that you’re getting a durable piece of kit that can take the beating of everyday unforgiving use. Even if you somehow manage to break or damage it (via normal use), BOX offers a lifetime warranty that has you completely covered.

It may not be the cheapest vest out there, but it sure is one of the best your money can buy right now.

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There are several schools of thought when it comes to designing weighted vests. It all comes down to intended use. The BOX model we’re looking at today ticks a few… boxes in this regard (pun intended). BOX has definitely borrowed a few solutions from the modern plate carrier design. Namely, the vest is short and sits high on one’s chest. On top of that, the shoulder strap design allows your arms to enjoy the full range of motion, just like on a high-end plate carrier.

With that said, the core of this vest’s design is all about utility and functionality. BOX took the shortest possible route to create a fully usable and reliable weighted vest. This means a simple front and back panel, plenty of padding in the upper (load-bearing) portion of the vest, and straightforward rows of weight pockets evenly distributed across the front and the back.

Locking such a vest down so nothing moves is a test not many brands pass. Often times you’ll see plenty of lateral movement as you work out, and that’s just annoying, to say the least. What BOX did was come up with an innovative system that relies on buckles and hook-and-loop sections. In fact, this system alone has contributed a lot towards us selecting this model for our list of best weighted vests on the market.

Once you put the vest on, you’ll have to pass the belt through two locking buckles located on each side of the front panel. When you find your fit and lock everything down hardware-wise, you’ll take the excess belt, fold it up and secure it using the hook-and-loop flap in the center of the vest. Although quite effective, the real question is whether or not it could have worked better if the belt itself was just a bit wider?

Speaking of weight, you’re getting 45 lbs. of max weight capacity. Weights come in 2.5lb increments, meaning that you can set the vest up any way you want and ride that progressive overload edge for a long time. Weights are easy to load and secure.

Build Quality

It’s no secret that a huge part of this vest’s appeal comes from the fact that it’s built in the USA. Build quality is a big thing when it comes to weighted vests, especially if you plan on putting yours through its paces.

The first thing we looked at were the materials used. Ballistic nylon is the norm these days and BOX delivers the same. However, the stuff they’ve used is noticeably more robust. It feels like high denier fabric, which isn’t all that surprising considering that BOX themselves brag about using military-grade nylon. Current Mil-Spec gear is usually based on 600D Cordura and this feels even more dense than that.

If there’s one thing more important than the material itself, it’s the stitching that holds everything together. What we’re looking for is double or triple stitching for rigs that carry a lot of weight and that’s exactly what BOX offers with this vest. There’s no panel on this model that isn’t held in place by proper stitching. In short, that inspires a lot of confidence.

Last but not the least, the hardware we’ve mentioned earlier is pretty decent as well. There are no apparent stress points on the buckles that you’d need to worry about in the near future.

Performance (How Well Does it Work?)

Everything we’ve said so far points out to the fact that this is one well rounded weighted vest. The padding offers plenty of comfort, within reason. The weight capacity is there and the whole setup is built to withstand rigorous use. However, does all of that equal to great performance?

We’ve mentioned how the belt could have been slightly wider. This would definitely help lock the weight in place more securely. Even so, this vest represents a decent choice for runners and walkers. There’s still going to be some movement, but nothing that would prevent you from achieving your fitness goals every day. What it lacks in weight stability, it compensates with the mere fact that you can gradually add more weight and make your cardio more challenging.

When observed through the prism of its intended range of applications, this vest outperforms a decent portion of its competition in terms of comfort and weight capacity. BOX also offers a version of this weighted vest designed for women, which offers a few additional levels of comfort for the ladies.


BOX has definitely found a formula that works with this vest. So much so that they offer a women’s version as well as a straightjacket version both based on this very same design. This is a great rig for those who want quality and don’t have a problem with investing a little more to get it.

The Good

  • Made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Constructed with high-quality nylon fabric
  • Adjustable design with up to 45 lbs. in 2.5 lbs. weights
  • Padded in all the right places, ensuring optimal comfort

The Not So Good

  • It’s on the expensive side compared to many other models
  • Maxes out at 45 lbs. which may not be enough for particularly dedicated users

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  1. The side clips are getting in the way when I do kettlebell swings or cleans. Is there a way around this?

    1. Hi Mike,

      I’m sorry I don’t have a solution for you as this is not a problem I’ve encountered before. Can I ask the reason for doing dynamic kettlebell exercises with a weight vest on? I would be very careful about doing this as the weight vest will change the weight distribution of your torso, and therefore the kinematics of your swings and cleans – long story short, this can overload you tendons and ligaments, and potentially lead to serious injury.

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