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Join us as we review the best budget recumbent bikes costing under $300

5 Best Budget Recumbent Bikes | Cardio on a Budget

Working out on a budget used to be borderline impossible because fitness equipment was so damn expensive. Fortunately for all of us, things have changed in recent years. Now, we can do good workouts on inexpensive equipment that, despite its lower cost, is still relatively

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CROSS101 Weight Vest Review

CROSS101 Weighted Vest Review Weighted vests are making their way into the training arsenals of professional, amateur and recreational athletes. This increase in popularity has prompted many brands to create models that are both affordable and functional. However, the results aren’t always great. It’s difficult

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Join us as we seek out the best slim weighted vests currently available

6 Best Slim Weighted Vests | Low-Profile Overload

Aerobic exercises are a great way of reaching new levels of physical fitness, improving your endurance and generally maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. However, our bodies are quick to adapt to stressors we place on them. It’s something we’re very good at. For example, if

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