Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Review | Arguably the Best on the Market

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A great recumbent bike can make a huge difference to your workouts. However, the process of finding one isn’t easy. The market is saturated and most bikes look alike. Fortunately for us, models such as Schwinn 270 are there to clear up any confusion. If you’re looking for a solid, mid-range bike that’s packed with features, this might just be it.

Let’s go a step further and say that the model we’re looking at here is easily one of the best recumbent bikes on the market, period. Today we’ll do a brief Schwinn 270 recumbent bike review, talk about the features it offers and look at what you’re getting for your money. As it turns out, there’s plenty to cover.

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Review in Brief

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

Schwinn 270 is one of this company’s best recumbent bike models. Built with functionality in mind, it brings a number of flagship design features in a package that’s both adequately priced and easy to use. Schwinn has paid plenty of attention to the core mechanical components for this ride, but also the small details that don’t directly affect the performance of this bike. Is it without flaws? No. But, the Schwinn 270 is definitely a well-balanced exercise bike that delivers exactly what it advertises. If you’re looking for a higher-end recumbent bike with flagship features, you can do a lot worse than this.

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The 270 is arguably one of the most popular models from Schwinn in addition to the Schwinn 230 that we’ve also reviewed. Both of these bikes share one thing in common – a no-nonsense, straightforward design. The team who sat down and designed this thing were looking to make a durable, simple bike that’s focused on functionality. And that’s exactly what you’re getting.


The frame is solid and offers a stable platform. Schwinn has added leveling feet in the back while the front portion of the frame features two transport wheels. The 270 is rather easy to push in and out of storage thanks to a frame-mounted handlebar in the rear.

Many recumbent bikes brag about having a step-through design, but not many of them actually do. Schwinn 270, on the other hand, is a true step-through bike. For this reason it’s a great recumbent bike for seniors and older adults who may need this more accessible design. Getting in and out of that seat is easy. Speaking of which, you’re looking at a well-padded, contoured seat that’s plenty comfortable for most users. This is another point of difference with the 230 model. The 230 model has a hard plastic seat with ventilation holes. Both bikes have the hard plastic with ventilation holes for the backrest. Although this design doesn’t work as well as the mesh backrest you see on some other models, it will still allow your back to breathe just fine.


The seat is mounted on a beefy rail that inspires confidence. It sits at a good angle that works relatively well, though you do need to play with it to find the right seating position (more on that later). Schwinn has also installed a set of handlebars on each side of the seat, which serve to offer more support as you work out and also as a mounting point for the heart rate sensors plus a drink bottle holder.


Up front, there’s a massive, busy looking console that’s packed with buttons and displays. A closer examination reveals that it’s actually fairly intuitive and easy to use. There are two displays – the main one is used for navigation while the auxiliary display provides a view of your main stats (HR, calories, distance, etc.). Between the two is a media shelf where you can place a tablet or your phone and enjoy some entertainment while you workout.

This bike also comes with a pair of built-in speakers, an adjustable fan and a USB charging port. Although limited when it comes to actual use, these creature comforts are great to have and definitely expected in this price range.

As far as functionality goes, you’re looking at 29 different presets that simulate alternating terrain and just about guarantee a challenge every time you decide to use this bike. These will run you through your paces. If you’re after a solid workout, rest assured that you’ll find one.

The flywheel feels robust, smooth and most importantly it’s quiet even at full load.

Build Quality

Build quality is always a massive factor when dealing with recumbent bikes. In the case of Schwinn 270, we’re happy to report that it has met our expectations in most areas. Let’s cover the main hardware first.

The frame is rock solid, robust and overall the last thing you’ll worry about in your daily routine. The same goes for the flywheel. You’re looking at a smooth, quiet unit that just works. Not much more to it.

One thing to look out for is the seat, or more specifically the angle of the seat. You need to make sure to find the right seating position. Otherwise, you may find yourself needing to scoot back in your seat from time to time, especially when you bump up those RPMs.

If there’s a weak side to this bike, it’s the accessories. The heart rate sensors are not the most resilient or durable, so treat them gently. The fan is a nice touch but not all that functional in reality. The same goes for the speakers. However, these issues plague just about every model in this segment, so we can’t complain too much.

Performance (How Well Does It Work?)

So how well does this bike work on a day to day basis? We’ve found Schwinn 270 to be a true workhorse that will keep you busy for years to come. As long as you’ve properly set the seating position, you’re good to go. Between its 29 built-in programs and 25 levels of manual resistance to select from, you won’t get bored anytime soon.

The dual display is a handy option since using a tablet covers the main screen completely. The bike is comfortable even for longer workout sessions, which is always one of the main points of interest for us.


At the end of the day, can we recommend this bike? Absolutely. It brings all of the features you’d want in a package that’s easy to use and quite reliable. Its core mechanical components are on point, meaning that you can count on this bike to physically challenge you for years to come.

The Good

  • Good build quality all around
  • Comes packing great features, including a bunch of creature comforts
  • Highly functional control console with two displays and intuitive controls
  • Smooth and quiet flywheel
  • Plenty of built-in programs to choose from

The Not So Good

  • You may slide down the seat a little if it’s not adjusted properly
  • Both the built-in fan and the speakers are meh at best

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