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join us as we look at the best upper body workout equipment currently on the market for less than $200

The Best Upper Body Workout Equipment Under $200

Getting great exercise equipment for your home gym doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. With a sound understanding of the different types of exercise equipment available to you, it’s easy to get yourself looking and feeling great, while also keeping your bank

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Agility ladders can be useful tools, just not for building agility

The 9 Best Agility Ladders

At The Home Fit Freak, we strive to provide bullshit-free information that actually helps you become healthier and happier. For that reason, we’re compelled to start this article by telling you that agility ladders probably don’t build agility, per se. Research suggests that they actually

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We take a look at the best home-exercise equipment for low impact cardio workouts

The Best Home Exercise Equipment for Low-Impact Cardio

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, cardio is any form of physical activity involving large muscle groups that increases your heart rate through rhythmic and continuous movement. This includes running and jogging, swimming, cycling, martial arts, and even dancing. Cardio is form of

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Recumbent exercise bikes are a great low-impact, high comfort option for exercise for seniors and olde radults

The 9 Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes for Seniors

Welcome to our guide to the 9 best recumbent exercise bikes for seniors. In this article, we’ll take you through a wide range of different recumbent bikes to help you find the perfect one to add to your home gym. We’ll also provide an overview

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