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A good power tower is a bodyweight aficionados dream. We look at the best pull up and dip stands currently available

Best Power Towers (Pull Up & Dip Stand)

If you’re into bodyweight training (aka calisthenics), or you’re looking to get into it, then you can do it without buying equipment. The floor and the power of your own muscles is all you need for a good basic bodyweight routine; it’s that simple. However,

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Plyo boxes are among the best equipment to build power and agility

The 9 Best Plyo Boxes

Power. It’s the combination of strength and speed, and it’s absolutely integral to performing at your best during any kind of athletic endeavour. Those who understand that power is the name of the game when it comes to athletic ability also understand that plyometric training

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Choosing a great pullup bar for your home gym doesn't have to be difficult - not with our help

The Best Pull Up Bars for Home Workouts

Widely considered to be the ultimate bodyweight exercise, the pull up is one of the best ways to work core muscles of the upper body. In our humble opinion, this multi-joint exercise is equal to the back squat, deadlift and bench press in terms of

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Finding the best dip bars for your home workouts doesn't have to be difficult, especially not after reading our article

The Best Dip Bars for Home Workouts

If you’re looking to master your body’s incredible potential for physical movement, then bodyweight training is a must. And, while you can absolutely achieve this in your own home without purchasing a single piece of equipment, there are a few apparatuses that will help you

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The best gymnastics rings don't always make themselves obvious. Join us as we talk you through the best options on the market

The 7 Best Gymnastics Rings (Wood & Non-Wood)

So, you’re looking at getting some gymnastics rings? Great choice. Ring training is an incredibly effective form of bodyweight training, especially for developing strength and muscle in the upper body and core. A good set of gymnastic rings are extremely versatile and do the job

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The best parallettes are not always obvious. Take a journey with us if you're looking for a great pair of parallel bars for home calisthenics

The 5 Best Parallettes for Home Calisthenics

The strength levels that can be attained from proper calisthenics (a.k.a. bodyweight training) is astounding. Using just your own bodyweight, it’s possible to seriously develop every muscle in your body. And while you don’t need any equipment, a few good quality pieces can make all

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