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Weightlifting belts have been around for decades, and there’s a reason why they’ve never gone out of style. They’re very effective in supporting the back – greatly reducing the risk of injury. This is particularly important for heavy lifts where the erector muscles on either side of the spine are heavily involved. There are countless lifting belts available on the market today, but if there is one belt that’s worth knowing about, it’s the Rogue USA Nylon Lifting Belt.

Rogue USA Nylon Lifting Belt Review in Brief

Rogue USA Nylon Lifting Belt

CrossFit champ Mat Fraser co-developed and personally uses the Rogue USA Nylon Lifting Belt. This belt offers excellent support and a contoured fit. A staple for athletes around the world, it’s perfect for higher-volume workouts and accessory work. Coming in an array of colors, you can choose the one that suits you best. Smooth and quick adjustments make versatile routines that much more convenient as well.

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Overall, the belt is very comfortable and user-friendly. Instead of being straight end-to-end, it tapers off towards each end which provides the best of both worlds: extra support around the spine yet easy to bend at the waist. This is particularly important when performing explosive weightlifting movements that involve a lot of movement.

The black buckle looks sleek and comes with a roller to allow for smooth, quick adjustments. For varied workouts, this belt really shines. If you need to readjust your belt, the strap and added Velcro are easy to use. That way, you don’t waste time messing around with the belt in between exercises.

The Rogue USA Nylon Lifting Belt has a great robust roller buckle for easy adjustment

There are quite a few colors to choose from, from bright pink to all-black or camo like mine. To personalize your strap a bit more, you can choose to add one of around 20 patches available. I didn’t do this, but it’s nice to have the option.

<2>Build Quality

The Rogue’s lifting belt build quality is some of the best I’ve seen. It’s generously padded around the back for support but isn’t excessive. The roller on the Velcro buckle is perfect, as well as the Velcro itself. After using it daily for 12 months, it works almost as well as the day I bought it. However, it’s important to note that due to the nature of the nylon material, it has loosened up ever so slightly over time. This hasn’t really impeded the performance at all – it just needs to be done up a bit tighter than the initial few times I’d used it.

The laminated ripstop exterior is effective in keeping the belt in top condition. The anti-microbial interior is also appreciated, especially as someone who uses the product so regularly. I’ve had the good fortune of using various Rogue products, and the truth is that the build quality simply can’t be beaten.

Performance (How Well Does it Work)

The belt performs very well, offering great support while lifting. However, this will vary depending on the types of lifts you’ll use it for. I typically only use it with my lighter lifts and not when I’m maxing out.

If you’re looking for a belt to support you during heavy Powerlifts (squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, etc.) then I recommend you opt for a good leather belt which will offer a bit more rigidity. However, I found this model to be much more comfortable than its leather counterparts. I’d also like to mention that there are plenty of other users who found this model perfectly fine for heavy compound movements.

Ideal Uses

Once again, I wouldn’t suggest using this belt for super heavy lifting. The nylon may be strong enough to support lifting at your max, but I personally felt more comfortable and that it was more effective for lower weight, higher volume lifting. For example, if you’re into CrossFit or performing accessory work in addition to compound lifts, you’ll find the Rogue belt to be very useful.


If you’re looking for a great lifting belt then I can’t recommend the Rogue USA Nylon Lifting Belt enough. It’s easy to transport, comfortable, supportive, visually attractive, and very durable. All-in-all, it’s the best nylon lifting belt currently on the market While I personally prefer it for lighter lifts, it is marketed as being adequate for heavy compound lifts so it’s not limited in applications. Rogue always produces supreme quality products, and their USA Nylon Lifting Belt is no exception. I guarantee that it’s one of the best purchases you can make for your lifts and your health.

The Good

  • Very comfortable and easy to adjust
  • Customizable with a range of colors and patch options
  • Tapered design for security at the lumbar vertebrae, and mobility around the mid section

The Not So Good

  • A little pricey
  • Loosens up over time like all nylon belts

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