Kettlebell Kings 16kg kettlebell review: high quality fit and finish

Kettlebell Kings 16kg kettlebell from the front
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At the time of publishing, I had used this kettlebell several times a week for six months.

This kettlebell has the smoothest surface of any power-coated kettlebell I’ve tried. It’s still got good grip, but doesn’t cause many calluses. There are no defects in the casting and the wide base makes it stable when doing push-ups or other mat exercises. I happily recommend Kettlebell Kings to anyone who wants a high-quality kettlebell.

The kettlebell

It was shipped in the most protective type of packaging you’ll see for kettlebells, a Styrofoam clamshell. If you want your bell to arrive in mint condition, this is great. If you want to cut down on your Styrofoam use, it’s not optimal.

Kettlebell Kings 16kg kettlebell in Styrofoam packaging

On their website, Kettlebell Kings (KBK) claims that their kettlebells are cast in one piece – i.e. the horns aren’t welded on. This certainly appears to be the case. The casting finish is spotless, and where the handles join the body shows no signs of welding. In fact, the seam usually created during the casting process is hardly visible.

Kettlebell Kings 16kg kettlebell close-up

As an aside, welding horns onto kettlebells doesn’t necessarily mean a lower-quality product. According to Lincoln Electric, a manufacturer of welding machines and accessories, welding cast iron is very challenging to do well. Welding steel, on the other hand, is much easier to do consistently and securely.

The cast iron is rather soft, and that means that regular use – resting it on hard ground, rolling it from place to place, etc. – will leave scratches and dents. Performance is, of course, unaffected.

I measured the kettlebell as weighing 16.2kg, just 1% off from the advertised weight. I’ve included its other measured dimensions below. Kettlebell Kings publishes a table of most measurements on their website (scroll down).

Kettlebell Kings 16kg kettlebell on scale

Diagram showing labels for base diameter, handle diameter, and space inside the handle for a kettlebell.

Weight 16kg (35.3lbs)
Measured weight 16.2kg (35.7lbs) / 1% difference
Handle diameter 33mm (1.3in)
Handle vertical space 68mm (2.7in)
Handle horizontal space 130mm (5.1in)
Base diameter 112mm (4.4in)
Cost (May 2022) $109.99 plus $10 shipping
Cost per kg and lbs (not including shipping) $6.79/kg and $3.08/lbs

What I like

I like the fit and finish of the Kettlebell Kings’ 16kg kettlebell. I also prefer the 33mm handle diameter for this size bell since it’s easier to use one-handed. The base is nice and wide, so I feel stable when doing floor exercises.

Kettlebell Kings 16kg kettlebell from the front

What I don’t like

Not much! This is a great kettlebell and so far I have no complaints. It’d be nice if it were cheaper, but with the price comes a lifetime warranty. I’m happy to pay for quality that will last for decades.

Where to buy

You can buy Kettlebell Kings kettlebells direct from their website.


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