Rogue Fitness Gymnastic Rings Review

Rogue gymnatsic rings laying on green grass
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Ring enthusiasts will tell you that wood rings are the best gymnastic rings you can buy. Evidently, they’re yet to try out Rogue’s steel rings.

Ok, admittedly they can’t match the natural feel that wood rings provide but they do offer damn good quality. Durable, versatile, sturdy, and awesome, these are the rings I find myself using the most of any of the ones I own, including the wood ones.

They will take a chunk out of your wallet but if you have the money to spare for the range of benefits you get from ring training at home, I highly recommend these rings.

Rogue Fitness Gymnastics Rings Review in Brief

Rogue gymnastic rings, black steel hanging from pull-up bar

Rogue Steel Rings

These rings are everything you’d expect from Rogue. Exceptional quality and a price tag match.

From the rings themselves to the straps and the cam buckles, every aspect is well-thought-out and exceptionally designed. The black powder coat offers excellent grip while steel construction means they can stand up to most of what you (and mother nature) can throw at them.

The straps are super-strong, firm, and easy to feed through the cam buckles as you set up your rings. You can even get them in different colors.

I struggle to find many faults with these rings. The only minor issues are that the powder coat chips easily, and the straps could do with numbering so I don’t have to level the rings out manually. Oh, and the high price tag is rather eye-watering.

Check the price at Rogue Fitness

The Rogue Rings

As with pretty much anything from Rogue, the quality of the rings is exceptional. The powder coat, their signature coating used on several Rogue products, provides a firm yet grippy exterior to the rings. Chalk users will be pleased to know that they hold gym chalk well too.

The powder coating brings nice aesthetics, on top of the performance benefits. Aesthetic appeal is further enhanced by the fact the rings are a perfect circle, and you can’t see any of the welding seams. Each ring is made from a single piece of steel and machined down to exact specifications, thus forming a perfect circle without welds.

As good as the powder coat is, it is still a powder coat meaning the rings are prone to the shortcomings of all powder coated equipment. The most notable is chipping making traveling with them a pain.

Every time they knock together, you run the risk of chipping the powder coat which makes the rings more susceptible to rust and wear. Rogue does offer a ring pouch as an aftermarket purchase which helps prevent this, or you can take the DIY approach, wrapping the rings in material (cloth works well) to protect them when traveling.

Rogue rings with a small chip in the powder coating
The powder coating is susceptible to chipping if you bump it again other metal objects.

The rings themselves are a bit weighty. Not overly surprising considering they’re made entirely of heavy-gauge steel, but worth bearing in mind if you’re planning on carting them to your local park or gym.

Of course, the big bonus of them being steel rings is that they can withstand the elements much better than wood rings. Plastic rings will work even better in this department but lack the grip and durability offered by steel. As mentioned though, if the powder coat has started chipping off then rust will start to set in eventually, especially if the rings get wet or live in a moist environment.

Straps and Cam Buckles

Much like the rings themselves, the straps are of excellent quality. The material is strong and stiff, and there isn’t a strand of nylon out of place so it’s not too abrasive on the arms if you lean into the straps slightly on dips.

Unlike some rings I’ve used, these don’t take a good 20-minutes to set up because of frayed straps and rigid buckles. Trust me, setting up rings with crap straps at 6 am can be infuriating beyond belief.

Fortunately, the ends of the Rogue straps are neatly cut to a point and slide in very easily through the buckle. It literally takes 2-minutes to set up and if you do have any issues there’s a handy instruction sheet provided to walk you through the process.

2” webbing means they’re sturdy as well. You’ll never worry about them breaking as they can sustain some serious force.

After learning my lesson when I bought the 7.5′ Rep Fitness straps (which turned out to be too short), I went for the 16′ straps which are much easier to get close to the ground for push-ups and ring in and outs, allowing me to maximize all the benefits of ring training. Naturally, I’m left with way more slack to deal with but Rogue provides Velcro fasteners that fold up the slack and tie it out the way.

Rogue rings straps free and organized using velcro straps
Rogue provides velcro ties to organize loose straps.

My only gripe with the straps is that they aren’t numbered. A minor thing I know but leveling up by eye is both time-consuming and inconvenient. This issue is far from a deal-breaker but would be nice to have. One way of solving this is to use a silver permanent marker and a tape measure to make your own numbers on the straps.

On the subject of nice-to-haves, the straps come in a variety of different colors in case you fancy livening up your home gym with something other than black and gray. A luxury for sure, but having the option is nice.

The cam buckles continue the trend of “good quality.” They adjust easily, feed through well, and are rigid so you never have to worry about them slipping. Nice to know when you’re inverted several feet above the ground.

Aesthetically they’re a winner too. The black buckles are much more pleasing to the eye than the silver ones on my Rep rings.

Alternatives to the Rogue Gymnastic Rings

There’s an alarming lack of half-decent metal gymnastic rings on the market at the moment. If you’re dead-set on steel rings then the Rogue rings are your only option.

If you’re open to other materials for your gymnastic rings though, some quality wood and plastic rings are worth your consideration.

Rep Fitness Wood Rings

If you’re looking for decent wood rings but don’t want to break the bank, these are the rings for you.

Priced nicely and offering decent quality, the Rep Fitness Wood rings are the best wood rings you can get. Most people don’t need expensive rings, just functional ones. These offer functionality in spades along with the best deal you can get anywhere. At their cheapest, you can get these rings for around $20.

Rogue Wood Rings

If you do have the cash to spend on your rings though, the Rogue wood rings might be better for you. They more than match the functionality of the Rep rings and come with the exceptional quality you find on all Rogue products.

There’s none of the blemishes or marks you’d find on the Rep rings and the wood feels natural and is unbelievably smooth.

Garage Fit Plastic Rings

This offering comes from Garage Fit who produces plastic gymnastic rings that are lightweight, cheap, and of decent quality. They’ll certainly do the job for anyone who wants the versatility that plastic rings offer.

There are a few shortcomings of these rings though. They don’t hold the chalk well at all, get slippery once your hands start sweating, and have an irregular pattern cut into the rings which gets uncomfortable after a while.


If you’re a fan of good quality kit and have the extra cash to splash on your gym rings, I highly recommend these rings.

They’re also great for anyone who likes to train outdoors and store the rings outside. I typically value savings over everything, but this is one case where superior quality might justify that premium price tag.

Overall Rating

Rogue Fitness Gymnastic Steel Rings

Build Quality




Design and Aesthetics




Value for Money












Check the price at Rogue Fitness


  • Powdercoat offers firm, grippy exterior
  • Withstand the elements well
  • Straps are easy to feed and firm


  • Relatively heavy, so not the most portable
  • Powdercoat prone to chipping


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