Product Review: Brazyn Morph Collapsible Foam Roller

Brazyn foam roller.
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I run 5-8 miles most days, so I find myself pulling out the foam roller pretty often.

For years I’ve relied on a simple, no-frills high-density foam roller. It’s still in great shape and at just $10 (in 2022) it’s hard to beat.

Black foam roller

But I can’t travel with it. At six inches in diameter and a foot long, there’s no way it will fit in my luggage.

That’s why I bought the Brazyn Morph Collapsible Foam Roller.

As the name suggests, you can flatten it for storage or travel.

Brazyn foam roller collapsed (left) and expanded (right)

It’s 2in (5cm) thick when collapsed and just under 5 ½in (14cm) in diameter when expanded. It weighs about 1 ½lbs (700g), which is less than the weight of a typical 32oz (1L) water bottle when filled.

Before it arrived, I was a little worried it would sag in the middle when I used it.

After a couple weeks of using it regularly, that concern was put to bed. It’s rigid and doesn’t collapse or sag at all when in use.

I attribute its stability to its design and the materials used. On the inside are bamboo ribs running lengthwise; on the ends are steel plates that flip up when you pull the orange rings. Small metal clips keep the plates in place.

Brazyn foam roller with steel end plates highlighted.

It comes with a mesh bag, which is nice but too small to fit anything else in. If I want a bag, I’d probably use a larger cinch-sack that could hold whatever else I need – exercise bands, my phone, TRX straps or rings, water, etc.

Mesh bag

So how well does the Brazyn roller work?

I’d say it works as well as other foam rollers, which is pretty impressive given that it can collapse.

It’s a little different from my other foam roller. Notably, it’s got a more aggressive texture. While some foam rollers are covered in nubs designed for deep tissue massage, I’ve never taken a liking to those.

I chose the Bravo version for this reason. Brazyn’s Alpha roller has more pronounced nubs while the Bravo is closer to what I’m used to.

The Brazyn roller is also longer and about ½in (1.3cm) narrower than my other foam roller. A smaller diameter makes it easier to apply more pressure when rolling.

Brazyn foam roller next to a different foam roller

However, I don’t need that much pressure for my rolling.

So although I’m very pleased with the Brazyn roller – especially its construction quality – I think I’ll reserve it for travel and use my old foam roller when I’m home.

Portability is really the only reason to buy the Brazyn roller. It’s currently $68 at Rogue Fitness (2022), which is substantially more than an old-school foam roller.

But when viewed through the lens of being able to keep working out as intensely on the road as when I’m at home, I feel like it’s a good value. This is something I wish I had discovered years earlier.

If you own one of Brazyn’s rollers we’d love to hear about your experience in the comments.


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