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Choosing the best home exercise equipment doesn't have to be onerous. We're here to help

Best Home Exercise Equipment for Almost Everyone

So, you’re looking to get your sweat on at home? Good for you – you’ve made a great choice! Decades worth of scientific research shows, without a shred of doubt, that regular exercise is incredibly good for your health – both physical and mental. And

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Check out our beginner's guide to fascia training

A Beginner’s Guide to Fascia Training

When you think of stretching, you probably think of stretching the muscles and joints in your back, arms and legs. Indeed, this is an effective means of improving your flexibility and range of motion, which can improve your performance in a range physical activities. However,

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This is part 0 of our back to basics series: Exercise training 101

Back to Basics Part 0: Exercise Training 101

Welcome to our Back to Basics series, where we examine and explain the basic principles that underpin successfully improving performance in almost all types of physical activity. In part 1, we look at the 6 principles behind muscle building. In part 2, we examine the

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Compression socks have many benefits. Check out our article to learn more

The Benefits of Compression Socks

Improving performance and aiding recovery are a few of the ways people can benefit from compression socks. Did you know that compression socks can provide an approximate 30-40% boost to the circulation of blood flow back to the heart? This improves the well-being of everyone,

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How to achieve fitness goals feature image

Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Despite the overwhelming body of scientific research that clearly demonstrates the importance of regular exercise, humans as a species, especially those of us in developed nations, have never been more sedentary (the word sedentary comes from the latin word sedentarius, which means ‘one who sits’).

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