Top 4 Resistance Chairs for Seniors & Older Adults

Older woman in purple shirt using a resistance chair for seniors
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As we get older, it gets increasingly difficult to keep our bodies in great shape. Going to the gym or a community center can be inconvenient, if not outright impossible. But, without exercise, we’re at a greater risk of injury and diminished health. This decline tends to occur in those who are physically inactive, which is why remaining mobile is so important.

So, what’s the solution?

We have a simple one: A resistance chair. This lightweight piece of exercise equipment allows you to complete a wide range of workouts, all while staying in a comfortable and secure sitting position. Essentially, you have something pretty close to a home gym that you can place anywhere you’d like.

However, not every product is made the same. We’ve done thorough research, and found the top 4 resistance chairs for seniors and older adults so you don’t have to. Keep scrolling to read through our in-depth reviews of each!

Best Resistance Chairs for Seniors & Older Adults

#1 VQ ActionCare Resistance Chair

VQ actioncare resistance chair

If you’re having trouble knowing where to start with an exercise program, this resistance chair could be the solution for you. This full-body fitness chair is great for cardio workouts, as well as strengthening your muscles through resistance exercises. It comes as a package, and in it, you’ll receive just about everything you need for complete and varying resistance exercise routines.

When the system arrives, you’ll notice it’s fully assembled and ready to go. The chair is rather small, but the compact design works well to fit in homes with less available space. The system does not have adjustable legs, but it’s great for rehab, building strength, and generally improving health. The product works with elastic resistance cables so you can effectively work out each part of the body: legs, back, stomach, chest, arms, and shoulders. Many competitor products only offer one or two types of cables, which isn’t effective for many users. In contrast, the AQ ActionCare chair includes resistance cables rated 4 to 9 (higher number = more resistance), which covers just about every strength level.

Of course, one of the most important aspects of exercise is posture. If you have poor form or posture, you can end up injuring yourself rather than helping yourself. Due to the included posture prop back support, maintaining proper form will become much easier. As you strengthen your back, this will also be increasingly simple.

The final feature that sets this chair apart from the rest for us, was the inclusion of 4 exercise DVDs. You’ll receive an Intro version which will ensure you’re well-oriented with your machine. The other three will instruct you on how to maintain a healthier lifestyle by improving your heart health, balance, and flexibility, among other things.

The ActionCare Resistance Chair is compatible with a range of optional accessories, such as the FreedomFlex shoulder stretcher and SmoothRider II Exercise Cycle. The FreedomFlex provides the means to do overhead arm exercises and stretches, which are great for maintaining shoulder mobility and rehabbing/managing shoulder articulation ailments like arthritis and “frozen shoulder syndrome”. It also allows for more strength exercises, such as pull-downs and triceps extensions. The SmoothRider II exercise cycle is essentially just a pedal exerciser that clips on to the bottom of the chair and provides the option of low-impact cardio and leg exercises.

Woman using the freedomflex shoulder stretcher and smoothrider exercise cycle attachement for the VQ actioncare resistance chair

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#2 Chair Gym Total Body Workout

Blue chair gym from total body workout

Perhaps you’re looking for a high-quality resistance chair, but find yourself on a tight budget. If you’re on the hunt for an affordable product, do check out the Chair Gym Total Body Workout. At first glance, it seems very basic, but we found it just as effective as some of the pricier models.

Unlike models such as the above Resistance Chair Rehabilitation Pack, this model does require about 30 minutes of assembly before use. The upside is that once properly set up, it’s ready for your use and nothing else needs to be messed with. The resistance chair is easy to move from room-to-room, and as it doesn’t take up much space, it’s perfect for apartments or limited spaces. Despite being so lightweight, it’s surprisingly durable. In fact, it can support weights of up to 300 pounds or more!

Take advantage of full mobility exercises, and work out your entire body from the comfort of a seated position. Coming with three varying strength levels, you can perform up to 50 different exercises by means of cable resistance. It was here where we really appreciated the somewhat basic design; using the chair is straightforward and user-friendly.

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#3 AB Doer 360

Ab doer 360 in black and fluro green

The AB Doer 360 has been around for two decades, which we feel can attest to its efficacy and reliability. The unique design was originally made for working out the core and shedding fat, but over the years has transformed into a full-body exercise machine with cutting-edge technology.

Assembly does take a few minutes, but nowhere near the 30 minutes, the Chair Gym Total Body Workout took. In addition, no tools are required to get things up and running. We’d like to address our only complaint and should note that some other users have also had issues with this. The back of the chair doesn’t offer much support, and the design has two small rollers made with the intention of massaging the back muscles. However, you might find that rather than massaging, the rollers are a bit uncomfortable, especially after extended use. The redeeming factor is that if you contact the manufacturer, they should offer alternative back supports that are much comfier.

Aside from that, the AB Doer 360 provides excellent results. The patented Core Support Column features multi-direction technology, which focuses on every section of your abdominals. The column also aids in increasing mobility for the rest of the body with a swiveling seat and dynamic fluidity.

To get started on the right foot, they’ve also thoughtfully included a Quick Start Guide, a Nutrition Guidebook for well-balanced recipes, a Workout Calendar to hold yourself accountable, and an instructional DVD full of various routines.

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#4 Yoga Ball Chair

Yoga Ball Chair os a different take on the resistance chair idea

Quite possibly the most effective resistance chair out there is actually a chair/yoga ball hybrid. As we get older, strength is not only crucial but balance as well. To build both at once, give the Mind Body Future Yoga Ball Chair a try.

Coming in 5 striking colors, this model not only works effectively but is a nice visual addition to any room. Assembly is very simple, as all you need to do is inflate the ball and place it in its included stability ring. You’ll receive a quick inflation foot pump to make this process as quick as possible. The ball is standard PVC, with a rubbery feel. Surprisingly, it’s a bit rough as opposed to the smooth texture many other similar stability balls have.

However, after a few uses, you’re likely to prefer the rougher texture as it provides the right amount of grip to prevent any slipping and sliding around. The material is also notably thick, which reassured us in our concerns that it could easily pop or deflate. Did we mention the anti-burst design can support up to 2,200 pounds?

In addition to the aforementioned products, you’ll also receive two 5-pound resistance bands. To use these while sitting on the ball, simply hook them onto the stability ring. The included workout guide will provide you with various exercise ideas, however, there are dozens and dozens of routines to be performed on this model.

Aside from being able to work out your entire body, you’ll notice a great improvement in your posture and balance. If you’re finding you have lower back pain, this model can aid in relieving pressure in that area. Using a ball chair design works to strengthen the erector muscles, which support the spine, effectively protecting it and reducing pain.

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Well, there you have it: The 4 top resistance chairs for seniors and older adults.

Exercise is crucial to leading a happy and healthy life. However, this becomes increasingly important the older we get. You don’t need to take extreme measures to get or stay in shape, and the best resistance exercise chairs prove that.

It’s not so much consistency that is difficult but rather making the decision to make a positive change in your life. The biggest thing you can do is just deciding to start. Through these models, it’s simple to get started. They require minimal (and sometimes no) assembly, so once it arrives on your doorstep, you’re ready to go. The included guides will get you started, and from there, holding yourself reliable will help you achieve your goals.

We hope that our guide has helped you along your way to improved health and a more balanced lifestyle. Know that whichever model you decide on, you’re going to be receiving one of the best resistance exercise chairs this market has to offer. Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll see you again soon!

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As always, best of luck with your home workouts. Remember: When it comes to our health and fitness, we can make the effort or make excuses, but we can’t make both.

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