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A good power tower is a bodyweight aficionados dream. We look at the best pull up and dip stands currently available

Best Power Towers (Pull Up & Dip Stand)

Welcome to our review of the best power towers (pull up & dip stands) currently on offer. In this article, we’ll take a look at, and recommend, the best and most cost effective equipment you can use to make the most of your bodyweight workouts.

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Finding the best dip bars for your home workouts doesn't have to be difficult, especially not after reading our article

5 Best Dip Bars, Dip Stations & Dip Stands

If you’re looking to master your body’s incredible potential for physical movement, then bodyweight training is a must. And, while you can absolutely achieve this in your own home without purchasing a single piece of equipment, there are a few apparatuses that will help you

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The best parallettes are not always obvious. Take a journey with us if you're looking for a great pair of parallel bars for home calisthenics

The 5 Best Parallettes for Home Calisthenics

The strength levels that can be attained from proper calisthenics (a.k.a. bodyweight training) is astounding. Using just your own bodyweight, it’s possible to develop size, strength and endurance in every muscle in your body. And while you don’t need any equipment, a few good quality

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ProGear 275 Power Tower Review

Hi there! Welcome to our ProGear 275 Extended Weight Capacity Power Tower Fitness Station review. That name is ridiculously long, so we’re just going to refer to it as the ProGear 275 Power Tower. And we’ll start off by saying that this is a very good

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