CAP Dumbbells Review | Color-Coated, Rubber-Coated, and Urethane

Cap dumbbells review
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In this review, we’ll cover the 3 main types of CAP Hex Dumbbells – the color-coated, rubber-coated, and urethane-coated hex dumbbells. The differences between them are minor enough that we felt they could all fit in a single review, but we’ll certainly cover the main ways in which they vary.

Please note: These dumbbells often come as single items. Make sure you change the quantity to 2 if you want a pair.

With that out of the way, let’s get into the review!

CAP Hex Dumbbells Detailed Review

CAP Range of Hex Dumbbells


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CAP Dumbbells Review: Design and Quality

Overall, all 3 styles of dumbbell are well designed and made from good quality materials. They all have solid cast iron heads with stainless steel, knurled handles. The Urethane dumbbells, however, also have a rubber grip on the handles (more on that later). The Hex heads are roll-resistant so when you put them down, they’ll stay put. This shape also makes them easier to store. All of the coatings add a layer of protection for your floors, which is a real advantage of coated hex dumbbells over uncoated types. The difference really lies in the coating itself:

Color-Coated Hex Dumbbells

  • PVC plastic coating on the heads. This coating has no odor or oily film. There’s a range of colors to choose from, including green, blue, grey, pink, orange and black.
  • The handle is a single piece of stainless steel, with comfortable knurling (knurling is the pattern cut into the handle that gives it a better grip). The only issue we’ve found with the handles is that as the weight of the dumbbell increases, so does the thickness of the handle. Therefore, the heavier dumbbells have quite thick handles, so if you have smaller hands, they can be harder to use and cause you to fatigue sooner than you otherwise would.
  • 3 lb – 15 lb weight range, which is not huge.

Set of colour-coated cap dumbbells review

Urethane-Coated Dumbbells

  • These have a Urethane protective coating on the heads. They have less odor than many rubber-coated hex dumbbells, but there may still be some.
  • The handles on these have a rubber grip, rather than being knurled steel. We’re not thrilled about the rubber grip, to be honest. It’s not particularly high quality, meaning it will likely break down over time. And If the grip does break apart and come off, it actually renders the dumbbells unusable. The knurled steel handles on the other dumbbells are better, in our opinion.
  • 12 lb – 40lb weight range.

Rubber-Coated Dumbbells

  • The heads on these have a black rubber coating. This coating makes them softer on floors than the others, but it also often has a rubbery smell. Some have a serious oily residue* on them as well, which can be overpowering. It is also recognized by the State of California as being a harmful toxin that can cause birth defects. If you get these dumbbells and they have a really bad residue and odor that you’re worried about it, you can return them for a full refund (including shipping) if you return them with a receipt within 15 days.
  • These have knurled steel handles identical to the color-coated dumbbells.
  • Massive 5 lb – 120 lb weight range.

Single CAP hex dumbbell standing on its end

*You can usually clean the oily residue off with a bit of dishwashing detergent in some warm water, giving them a good wiping with a cloth (not a brush as this can damage the rubber coating). If this doesn’t get it all off, try some disinfectant wipes (with Isopropyl Alcohol in them) – but make sure you rinse any excess fluid off with water, as Isopropyl Alcohol is a solvent and, if left on the rubber coatings for an extended time, will damage them. The rubbery smell will also go away by itself over time.

CAP Dumbbells Usability

The hex dumbbells have some advantages over circular dumbbells; they don’t roll when you put them down and are easier to store. Also, there’s obviously no need to remove and replace plates (which can be annoying if having to make a lot of changes during your workout), so you can just pick them up and start using them straight away.

The downside to this is clearly that if you want a range of weight options you have to buy many dumbbells, which can get expensive and start taking up a lot of room. So, if you’re looking for an extensive range of dumbbell weights, you might be better off looking at an adjustable dumbbell set like this one. However, if you’re just looking at doing some key exercises with your dumbbells, it’s worth choosing 2 or 3 challenging weights (e.g., 15, 25, and 30 lb) and buying the Hex dumbbells.

Some Hex dumbbells can also have an issue with the joint between the handle and the cast iron head. With heavy use, this joint can become loose, making the head able to turn freely. Usually, there’s no way to retighten the joint, and the moving head will get very annoying. This simply means that you still need to treat hex dumbbells with a bit of care, so don’t drop or slam them. Also, if you’re going to use them as pushup platforms, understand that this stresses the joints in the dumbbell and makes it more likely that you’ll need to replace them sooner than usual.

Are the CAP Dumbbells Value for Money?

The CAP range of Hex Dumbbells aren’t the cheapest dumbbells nor the most expensive on the market. They are relatively good quality materials so definitely worth the price you’ll pay, especially the color-coated ones. The rubber-coated and urethane-coated dumbbells have some extra issues, as described above, but those issues are not actually unique to these dumbbells. Most rubber-coated hex dumbbells will have some sort of odor, and any dumbbells with rubber grips will inevitably have the same problems as the CAPs. All in all, we think you’ll pay a fair price for what you get.

CAP Dumbbells Review in Summary

So, are CAP dumbbells any good?

Overall, the CAP Hex Dumbbell range is worth considering. They aren’t bad hex dumbbells at all, but they also aren’t the best. They’re just reasonable quality dumbbells for a reasonable price.

If you want to add a bit of color and style to your home workout space then get yourself some CAP Color Coated Hex Dumbbells, you can check the current price here.

If you find knurled steel handles are too uncomfortable, then get yourself the CAP Urethane Hex Dumbbells with the rubber handgrips, you can check the current price here.

If you want to go with the CAP Rubber Coated HEX Dumbbells, you can check the current price here.

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