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Agility ladders can be useful tools, just not for building agility

The 9 Best Agility Ladders

At The Home Fit Freak, we strive to provide bullshit-free information that actually helps you become healthier and happier. For that reason, we’re compelled to start this article by telling you that agility ladders probably don’t build agility, per se. Research suggests that they actually

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Getting the best flooring for your home gym is no easy feat, but we're here t0 help

The Best Flooring for Your Home Gym

Good flooring is absolutely essential for any serious home gym, especially if the room you’re building in has permanent floors that are easily damaged such as hardwood, tiles, or polished concrete. It also helps to prevent yourself and your home exercise equipment from sliding about

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Great portable exercise equipment means you can stay fit anywhere, anytime

Best Portable Exercise Equipment for Travel and Home

In this article, we recommend the best portable exercise equipment to help you get a good workout at home or when you’re traveling. We pay particular attention to equipment that is low cost and easily movable, and we break it down into the most common

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