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Meditation can help to boost your athletic performance via numerous mechanisms

How Meditation Can Boost Athletic Performance

Note: This is a guest post by Isabel Speckman from Vivotion. When it comes to sports, it’s not only the body that needs regular training to achieve optimal performance, but also the mind. No matter how physically prepared you are, all your efforts might be

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This is part 0 of our back to basics series: Exercise training 101

Back to Basics Part 0: Exercise Training 101

Welcome to our Back to Basics series, where we examine and explain the basic principles that underpin successfully improving performance in almost all types of physical activity. In part 1, we look at the 6 principles behind muscle building. In part 2, we examine the

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Compression socks have many benefits. Check out our article to learn more

The Benefits of Compression Socks

Improving performance and aiding recovery are a few of the ways people can benefit from compression socks. Did you know that compression socks can provide an approximate 30-40% boost to the circulation of blood flow back to the heart? This improves the well-being of everyone,

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Great portable exercise equipment means you can stay fit anywhere, anytime

Best Portable Exercise Equipment for Travel and Home

In this article, we recommend the best portable exercise equipment to help you get a good workout at home or when you’re traveling. We pay particular attention to equipment that is low cost and easily movable, and we break it down into the most common

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best compression socks of 2018 feature image

The 3 Best Compression Socks

Compression socks can have numerous benefits and are worn by a wide range of people – from frequent air travellers, to nurses, to women in pregnancy. They’re also commonly used in sports and exercise by those hoping to boost immediate performance and aid in their

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What is the Anabolic Window? Probably a Myth.

The ‘anabolic window’ (also called the post-exercise window of opportunity) is said to be a 30 – 60 min period of time after you workout during which you need to ingest the right nutrients (particularly protein and carbohydrates) if you want to maximize your muscle

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